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許博允,是台灣文化藝術文化發展最知名的重要推手,當年台灣還是一片文化沙漠時,他具有前瞻性先引進各種文化表演藝術,也全力推動並完成各項文化政策的立法及施行。他的一生除了作曲和民族音樂采風,從事文化推展長達 60 餘年,自 46 年前創立「新象藝術文化推展中心」及「國際新象文教基金會」,至今舉辦了逾萬場次藝文活動,與世界 100 餘國家文化交流,為文化藝術的耕耘付出一己之力,以輝煌的一生確立了時代意義。


Pioneering arts promoter Mr. Hsu Po-Yun passes away at the age of 80.

Hsu Po-Yun, 1944-2023

It is with deepest sorrow that we announce the passing of Mr. Hsu Po-Yun on September 4 2023 after a long fight with cancer. Mr. Hsu was the freest soul and highly passionate about arts, culture and the world, who ever lived both on and off stage achieving an extraordinary life with diversities; a unique composer, a self-taught entrepreneur, a sharp go player, a soy sauce lover and one of the most active pioneers in promoting performing arts and culture in Taiwan and Asia.

When Taiwan was still a cultural desert, being forward-looking, Mr. Hsu first introduced various cultural and performing arts projects/events to Taiwan, and also fully promoted and completed the legislation and implementation of various cultural policies with the Taiwanese Government. In addition to composing, going on fieldwork and collecting folk music, he had been engaged in cultural promotion for more than 60 years. Since the establishment of New Aspect Promotion Corporation and International New Aspect Cultural and Educational Foundation 46 years ago, he held more than 10,000 art and cultural projects/events, made cultural exchanges with more than 100 countries around the world, contributing to the cultivation of culture and art, and establishing the significance of the times with his glorious life.

Mr. Hsu began to fight against the disease three years ago. After undergoing various treatments, he still worried about the country and the people in his sickbed. He wrote a letter calling attention on various issues and cultural policies of the government. There are many unfulfi

lled ambitions that would only be cherished in memory. Under the leadership of Fan Man-Nong, Mr Hsu’s wife, the co-founder and the artistic director of New Aspect, Team New Aspect will follow his spirit of initiation and continue promoting culture and arts.

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