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New Aspect is a global leader of the arts, representing an energetic impetus and a momentous imprint of culture, epitomising the rich history and vibrant perspectives of the arts and culture that have led our path from the past towards the twenty-first century.

The Peony Pavilion: Young Lovers’ Edition

– Kunqu Opera 

New Aspect's edition of this Kunqu Opera masterpiece successfully revived the traditional form of art and created an everlasting sensation among younger generations.

Marcel Marceau

– Mime Artist


"Bip the Clown", the mime classic for all times that brings the art of silence to the world, has inspired a new generation of actors in Taiwan who are currently under the spotlight.

Mstislav Rostropovich

– Cello Virtuoso


An endearing friend to New Aspect, maestro  and cellist Rostropovich's concert with the NSO (United States) in 1983 marks the first ever live broadcast in Taiwanese history.

Béjart Ballet Lausanne

– Modern Ballet


Maurice Béjart, famed with Martha Graham and Isadora Duncan as the five greatest choreographers of the 20th century, brought with his troupe to Taiwan his classic repertoires.

Plácido Domingo

– Tenor and Artist

The Super Concert (1997) in CKS Memorial Hall, Taipei, with Plácido Domingo, José Carreras and Diana Ross remains the largest outdoor concert in Taiwan with over ten thousand audiences.

The Beginning



Established in 1978 by Po-Yun Hsu and Man-Nong Fan, New Aspect looks ahead to all aspects of nature and the humanities and focuses on artistic activities. The 42-year history of New Aspect is thus an aggregate of multitudinous events, with over 20,000 artists from 102 countries and more than 10 million audiences joining the performances. The numerous world premieres signify New Aspect as a patron of new creative works of art, while Taiwanese share fond memories of the New Aspect Art Center and New Aspect Art News.


Deeply rooted in the global artistic landscape, New Aspect built up deep friendship with international artists. Over the past decades, New Aspect has presented the Taiwan debut of such preeminent artists as the sitar virtuoso Ravi Shankar, cellists Pierre Fournier and Mstislav Rostropovich, pianists Vladimir Ashkenazy, Fou Ts'ong and Martha Argerich, flautists Jean-Pierre Rampal, Aurèle Nicolet and Peter-Lukas Graf, conductors Zubin Mehta and Christoph Eschenbach, mime artist Marcel Marceau and choreographer Mikhail Baryshnikov, to name just a few, while orchestras and ballet theatres including the New York Phil, St. Petersburg Phil, Moscow City Ballet and the Bolshoi Ballet soloists have all had great impact upon the Taiwanese society. Meanwhile, New Aspect put great endeavour into breaking the Iron Curtain during the Cold War and promoting cultural exchange with P. R. O. China, signifying the supremacy of the arts over political barriers.


An illustrious figure in international artistic and cultural narrative, New Aspect has co-founded such significant international organisations as the Federation for Asian Cultural Promotion (FACP), Asian Composers League (ACL) and Asian Theatre Association and Festivals. In 1988 with the Columbia University (USA), the academic forum "20 Prominent Composers from Both Sides of the Taiwan Strait" not only marked the beginning of a new type of official cultural exchange, but also connected Asia with the global cultural realm.


Throughout the past four decades, New Aspect has played a significant role in encouraging the society and people, leading the trends, renovating perspectives on the arts, elevating the standard of living and expanding global vision. These achievements have thus proclaimed New Aspect as the pioneer of culture. Prospecting the forthcoming generations, New Aspect aims at extending its spirit and by all means enriching the cultural life of our society.

Moments with New Aspect




Through its 40-year history, New Aspect has introduced to the Taiwanese and international audience a great array of arts from music, dance, theatre, circus, carnivals to visual arts and cultural heritage, which not only connect Taiwan to the global artistic realm but also set milestones in the Taiwanese cultural history with unprecedented forms of art.


In the past decades, New Aspect has been a pioneer in influencing the society and people, leading the trends, renovating perspective on arts, elevating the standard of living, expending global vision and even changing the governmental regulations and legislation in Taiwan.

Adhering to the belief that art has no boundary, New Aspect actively works on the communication between Taiwan and the world. Moreover, New Aspect also inspires many people who share the same value as we do to join the field and to develop a healthier cultural environment.

Looking back at the performances and events that have taken place in the past 40 years, anyone who has been a part of the history should be proud to have contributed to the interaction of the cultural progress between Taiwan and the world.

Our Achievements



Conductors - Vladimir Ashkenazy, Lucrecia R. Kasilag, Mariss Jansons, Christoph von Dohnanyi, Christoph Eschenbach, Jean Francois Paillard, Charles Dutoit, Kurt Masur, Zubin Mehta, Fusao Kajima, Ádám Fischer, Christopher Hogwood, Paavo Järvi, Gennady Rozhdestvensky, Philippe Herreweghe, Lee, Tai-Xiang, Yu Long, Staphane Deneve, Hugh A. Wolff, David Giménez, Lawrence Foster, Dmitry Yablonsky, Sakari Oramo

Composers - John Cage, Philip Glass, Ennio Morricone, Chou Wen-Chung, Lee Tai-Hsiang, Lucrecia R. Kasilag, Hsu Tsang-Houei, Yen Lu, Ma Shiu-Long, Shigeaki Saegusa, Hsu, Po-Yun, Tan Dun, Long-Hsing Wen, Hwang-Long Pan, Chien, Nan-Chang

Pianists - Vladimir Ashkenazy, Fou Ts’ong , C. Eschenbach, Alicia de Larrocha, Martha Argerich, Lazar Berman, Mikhail Pletnev , A. Laplante , A. Kuerti , Alexander Gavrylyuk , Yulianna Avdeeva, Eric Le Sage , M. Kultyshev , N. Tsujii , M. Kirschnereit, Oliver Schnyder, Kit Armstrong , Katia Buniatishvili , Sergio Tiempo, Nikolai Lugansky

Flautists – Jean-Pierre Rampal, Aurèle Nicolet, Peter-Lukas Graf, Shigenori Kudo, Philippe Bernold, Emmanuel Pahud, Vincent Lucas, L. Newman, Gary Shocker, Andrea Lieberknecht, Tatjana Ruhland, Lorna McGhee, Andreas Oliva, Sophie Cherrier, Gaby Pas-Van Riet, Loic Schneider

Violinists - Igor Oistrakh, Issac Stern, Gidon Kremer, S. Accardo, A. Rosand, Hilary Hahn, Chung Kyang-Wha, S. Mintz , V. Tretyakov , M. Rudy, U. Ugi, Roman Kim, M. Kamio, Shin Hyun-Su

Cellists - Mstislav Rostropovich, D. Fournier, P. Tortelier, J. Starker, Mischa Maisky, Alexander Rudin, G. Lipkind

Vocalists - Placido Domingo, Jose Carreras, Diana Ross, Salvatore Licitra, Nana Mourskouri, G. Vishnevskaya, Thomas Hampson, T. Berganza (Mezzo Soprano)

Woodwinds - K. Leister (Clarinet), A. Ottensamer (Clarinet), M. Petri (Recorder) , , R. Koyama (Bassoon) A. Bornkamp( Saxophone)

World Music - Ravi Shankar (Sitar), Dance and Music from India (Shriram Bharatiya Kala Kendra), Mongolian State Morin Khuur Ensemble

Jazz - Chick Corea, Ryota Komatsu




Cultural Promotion Associations


Federation for Asian Cultural promotion

est. ​1979


Asian Theatre Association & Festivals

est. ​1982


Pan Pacific Cultural Association

est. ​1989


New Environment for Asian Music

est. ​1976


Cultural Promotion Association of the R.O.C (Taiwan)


est. 1982

Performing Arts Alliance



est. 1986

Cultural Environment Promotion Association


est. 1988

The Flutists Association of

the R.O.C (Taiwan)


est. 1990

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