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TIFF 聽見臺灣


Taiwanese Composers VS Taiwanese Flutists

5 / 02 (日) 14:30  台北國家演奏廳 National Recital Hall

※ 演前導聆:長笛家馬曉珮 14:00 於演奏廳觀眾席內進行 ※



Love at the first note!


Over the century, Taiwan has enjoyed an extensive interest in the western flute music, and has been introducing our own compositions as a tribute to our beautiful motherland.


From the late maestros Yen Lu and Ma, Shui-long to such active composers as Wen-Tze Lu, Ching-Yu Hsiau, Chien-Hui Hung and Jing-Mu Kuo, the musical communities in Taiwan keep making contribution to the cross-cultural flute repertoire.


Twelve preeminent Taiwanese musicians conspire in presenting such a rich legacy – flutists Sabina Shu-Chun Chiang, Tsui-Lin Chang, Jen-Ying Hwang, Yee-Ting Chen, Yi-Hui Lin, Hsiao-Pei Iris Ma, Yu-Hsien Lan, and Shang-Jung Lin, zheng artist Jing-Mu Kuo, erhu artist Ying-Chieh Wang, and pianists Chia-Chi Hsu and Yi-Hsin Wang. Their artistic integrity and cultural profundity make themselves brilliant interpreters of the sounds and colours of Taiwan.