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大衛.弗萊 訪臺首演-郭德堡之夜

Powerchip 2023 Classic Series

David Fray Piano Recital – The Goldberg Variations


510 (三) 19:30  臺北國家音樂廳

National Concert Hall, Taipei

512 (五) 19:30  高雄衛武營國家音樂廳

Weiwuying Concert Hall, Kaohsiung


法國新世代鋼琴家 大衛.弗萊 以詮釋巴赫作品聞名:他能宏觀音樂整體,讓各聲部自然地穿梭、對唱,並將哲學思考與自由心境帶入樂曲之中,展現巴赫音樂的表現力,創造輕盈、透亮又富流動感的音樂世界。精彩表現贏得BBC音樂雜誌「2008年度最佳新人」、德國回聲古典音樂「年度器樂家」及「2020年度創新音樂會」等多樣獎項肯定。


20世紀與21世紀演繹巴赫奇才 截然不同的《郭德堡變奏曲》

同樣以巴赫成名、同樣驚人的音樂狂熱、同樣奇異的彈琴姿勢,弗萊在出道之際就經常被與顧爾德(Glenn Gould, 1932-1982)相比較。然而當我們剝去這層外殼,會發現分別於20、21世紀脫穎而出的兩位演繹巴赫奇才,無論是先天的音樂性或後天的詮釋選擇都相差甚遠。




鍵盤上的無限遊戲 ── 巴赫《郭德堡變奏曲》




David Fray, a French new generation pianist, is known for his interpretation of Bach's works. He has the ability to understand the music as a whole, allowing the various voices to naturally shuttle and sing, and infuses philosophical thinking and free mind into the music, demonstrating the expressiveness of Bach's music and creating a light, transparent, and fluid musical world. His outstanding performances have won him various awards and recognitions, such as the "2008 Best Newcomer" by BBC Music Magazine, "Musician of the Year" and "2020 Innovative Concert" by Germany's Echo Klassik.


For over a decade, Fray has continuously worked on Bach's keyboard works with amazing creativity, from solo pieces to four piano concertos. His innate musicality and charisma have successfully established his personal brand, making him one of the most prominent pianists today.

David Fray and Glenn Gould are both known for their interpretations of the works of Bach, particularly the Goldberg Variations. While they share a passion for Bach's music and a unique approach to playing, there are significant differences between them.

Gould's 1955 recording of the Goldberg Variations is celebrated for its technical precision and explosive energy, with his trademark staccato and highly sensitive approach to counterpoint. Fray, on the other hand, focuses on a more contemplative interpretation, emphasizing the emotional and philosophical depth of Bach's work. He plays with clarity, depth, and mellowness, drawing out the journey of growth and life inherent in the piece.


This classic repertoire does not have too many technical or expressive indications, giving performers great freedom while also requiring precise handling of each choice and a focus on their own understanding and feeling of