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Philharmonix – The Vienna Berlin Music Club

12 / 21 (三) 19:30  台北國家音樂廳

National Concert Hall, Taipei

12 / 22 (四) 19:30  衛武營音樂廳

Weiwuying Concert Hall​




維也納、柏林愛樂首席合體會擦出什麼火花!?創作自由、享譽國際樂壇的「愛樂者聯盟」,人人身懷絕藝又創意無限。愛樂者聯盟由三位維也納愛樂樂團成員、兩位柏林愛樂獨奏家、一位最全能的奧地利鋼琴家,以及一位即興演唱間小提琴家所組成。世界頂尖樂團、最高品質保證,精湛古典底蘊,跳出框架,跨界玩音樂,開啟瘋狂外掛,抒展無限創意自由改編,「Anything goes, as long as it’s fun」—只要有趣,什麼都可以。大膽、靈活,古典音樂也可以Rock Your World!


30%古典、20%爵士、15%民謠、15%拉丁、15%流行、5%驚奇,激盪出100%精彩!除展現當代頂尖樂手演繹古典之外風采,創作改編作品也成為精緻與通俗交融,獨樹一幟,老少咸宜的經典。奧普斯古典音樂大獎(Opus Klassik)給予「古典不設限」的最高肯定,奧地利《信使報》(Kurier)更盛讚「愛樂者聯盟」將歐洲頂尖愛樂的極致品質與音樂創作的自由快樂調和在一起,呈獻獨一無二的音樂佳釀,當之無愧是古典音樂「愉樂」代名詞!



Not everything in their programme is classical.

But everything has class.

Classical music is not supposed to be fun, right? And yet, every concert of the Philharmonix is a living, grooving, finger-snapping testament to the contrary. And who exactly is having fun here? Is it the seven world-class musicians who get to play the kind of repertoire one would never see on the playbill of their legendary orchestras? Or is it the audience, whose eyes light up at their sparkling display of virtuosity and passion? The Philharmonix’ sophisticated sense of humor allows them to move seamlessly from the sublime to the ridiculous and back, taking their audience along for a madcap roller-coaster ride… Surprise!! Classical music at its most refined can be a jolly good time. This unique ensemble brings together three members of the Vienna Philharmonic, two Berlin Philharmonic soloists, one of the most versatile Austrian pianists and an improvising and singing violinist for a deliciously heady cocktail of classical, jazz, klezmer, Latin, even pop music… and yes, good old fun. With their signature blend of the “highest philharmonic quality and unrestrained joy of music-making” (Kurier, Austria) Philharmonix are synonymous with “entertainment”. And what is the secret ingredient to the ensemble’s runaway success? What mysterious essence binds together these virtuosos of independent artistic pursuits and individual achievements and awards that are too numerous to mention? That’s right: the Philharmonix come together only if and when they are inspired by a new musical idea. There is not an ounce of routine or obligation in anything they do, and this is how they capture the elusive Holy Grail of today’s classical performance: the “you had to have been there” effect, which turns a casual audience member into a passionate fan. So… who gets to have the most fun? It seems to be everyone within an earshot of this musical feast, which isn’t necessarily classical but has a lot of class.